What are the Tournament Preparation Classes?

Just like many sports, as you get ready for a competition you need to stay focused and practice specifically for what you will be performing.  Our tournament preparation classes have the same goal.  We present you with a simulated tournament scenario and have you practice your forms and sparring as if you were already competing. This way, you will feel a lot more prepared for the big day.

Does everyone get trophies?

Not really.  Everyone is placed into divisions, for example sparring, kata and weapons.  Each division is separated into belt levels and age groups.  Anyone who lands a 1st through 3rd place will get a trophy.  Also, participants ages 3-9 years will get a Spirit Award if they do not get one of the top three places.  This is mostly because out tournaments, though they are competitions, they are also intended to be fun family events.

Why should I consider participating?

Tournaments are not only fun events, they are also part of your training.  As Martial Artists there are several things that do make us scared.  For example, some people do not like sparring, grappling, or testing, as they find it intimidating. There are no easy answers to how  to get better at dealing with these situations, other than simply running head on and doing them over and over again.

Tournaments work in the same manner.  They may be scary to some people as you have to perform in front of others, but it is much more important to learn to control that fear than to let it stop you.

We remind our students plenty of times that getting a trophy is not the real motivation, but the overall feeling of accomplishment that matters.

During the competition you will have a chance to spar, show your forms, and demonstrate your skills using a weapon.  We encourage all of you to compete in as many divisions as possible and enjoy your time as much as you can.

In addition to the competition, we also feature a bounce house and food outside of the studio.  We like to treat these events as family fairs so they are fun for everyone.

Admission is FREE for all, and we encourage you to stay and watch all the events that will be happening, especially as we get closer to the high ranks.

Many other sports have tournaments also, and we are often surprised as to how often they usually happen. Fortunately, we only have 3 of these events during the year, which give us a chance to truly prepare for them.