The karategi commonly known as “gi” is the traditional Japanese training uniform utilized at our studios.  Frequently we get some questions about it, and this article will try to answer some of them.

How do you put on your uniform correctly and tie your belt?

For this very common question, we do have a simple to follow post on our website that you can use as guidelines.  Visit:

This should give you enough information to be able to do this yourself.

Why do we wear Japanese Uniforms and not Kung Fu Uniforms?

This is a very common question as our style incorporates Shaolin Kung Fu in its teachings, yet we are called “karate”.  This is mainly due to two reasons.  One – the first thing you learn is japanese style Karate, usually until you hit green belt.  After that your training shifts more and more into kung fu and jiu-jitsu. The Second – practicality.  Since Karate outfits are very durable and strong, and since our style does use grabs, holds and throws, practicing with a kung fu outfit may result in tearing, and thus we use the stronger japanese karategi.

Do I have to wear the whole uniform the whole time?

Yes and no.  Yes, wearing the uniform is part of our training, however during the months of May through October we do allow you to wear the pants, a USSD T-shirt and your belt as long as they are clean.  This is in part because the weather is very hot during this time.  We also lax the requirements in unusually hot days, but you should always check with your Chief Instructor before doing so.