Rules & Principles

The Five Principles

  1. Effort  – Putting forth an exertion of strength or power, physically, or mentally.
  2. Etiquette  – The conventional code of good manners which governs behavior in society; professional and business decorum.
  3. Sincerity  – Honesty of mind or intention; truthfulness.  Always tell the truth.  Say and do exactly what you mean.
  4. Self-Control  – Control over ones own impulses, emotions, and weaknesses.  Always do what you have to do.  Finish what you begin.
  5. Character  – The total sum of qualities making up an individual; moral excellence, the person that you really are.

Rules to Remember at the Studio

  1.  Always Bow before entering the dojo, and right before leaving.  This shows respect to our place of training.
  2. Keep your shoes off while training at the studio.  This helps us keep it clean.   However, training shoes are available at your request.
  3. While classes are happening, please try to stay as quiet as possible as to not interrupt them. If you are in the lobby, please refrain from taking phone calls and having loud conversations.
  4. Walk behind the class when crossing the studio.  This is mostly for your own safety.
  5. No eating or drinking in the studio.  A water bottle is allowed for students, but please keep it in your bag, or with your shoes.
  6. Kneel down while putting your belt on and taking it off.  Also, never wear your belt outside of the dojo.  This is a sign of humility and respect towards your training.
  7. Address instructors as “Sensei”, and answer questions with a “Sir” or “Ma’am” at the end.
  8. Keep your sparring gear and anything else you need to train at the designated area until required.
  9. If you are at the studio early, practice! Don’t waste your time at the dojo.
  10. Kneel down when Black Belts put their belts on, and when they take them off.  This is a sign of respect to their years of training.
  11. Wear your full uniform when training including T-Shirt, Jacket, Pants and Belt.  Have your logo patch displayed on the left side of the jacket over the heart.  Keep the uniform clean and as nice as possible when you show up to train. However, never wash your belt.  It symbolizes what you have learned over the years, and you don’t want to “wash away” your knowledge.
  12. During times of High Heat (May-October) you will be allowed to wear a USSD T-Shirt, pants and Belt for your training.