The Kubotan is a very practical and versatile weapon. It looks a lot like a heavy key chain but it works primarily as a self defense weapon. Many people wonder if this weapon can be used for real and we wanted to share the story of a student of ours who used it with great success.

For the purposes of this story we will be using a fake name to preserve the person’s anonymity. Mariza is a student at a local United Studios. She has been training for approximately 2 years and currently holds the rank of green belt. When she was an orange belt she shared with us a situation that happened to her as she was out late getting groceries.

Because of the nature of her work, Mariza leaves her workplace usually late at night. She lives close to work and often times has to stop by a nearby Ralphs to purchase groceries. One night as she approached her car, there was a person sitting by her car that seemed like a homeless individual. This person asked her for

money which she politely refused and asked him to not sit on the car as she was about to drive away. This person complied and stepped away. Mariza knew it would be a smart idea to haver her kubotan with her as she felt the danger.

In a very smart move she placed her keys on her hand while holding the bags with the other hand. As she grasped the keys she felt the kubotan and held it tight as if she was holding a knife. Fortunately, the mysterious person seemed to go away so she felt safer.

She open the trunk and began loading the bags. As she was ending she suddenly noticed this person running back to her car with a rock in his hand which he used to break her car window in an attempt to scare her. Immediately after he began to grab her by the shoulders as he held the rock on one hand.

This happened very suddenly, so Mariza did not know what to do. Instinctively she thought about hitting this individual so she kicked him which loosen the grip on her shoulder, and then proceeded to fight back. They struggled for a few seconds until she realized she was still holding the keys and the kubotan. She grabbed the weapon and jabbed it into the person’s neck. After doing that once, she began to stab over and over again until the person started running, and finally, Mariza got away.

“If it wasn’t for that small weapon I am not sure where I would be today. It was literally a life-saver”

Those of us who know about the Kubotan know that this weapon can damage, but unlike a knife, it does not penetrate skin, it simply causes enough pain that an attacker can let you go and run.

This was the case for Mariza. She was brave enough to share this story in order to show to people that you do not need great amounts of training to know how to use this self defense weapon.

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