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Welcome to our Aliso Viejo Location.  This is a satellite school of our Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch Dojo.  Classes are currently held for students of all ranks, ages 5-10 years on Wednesdays at 5pm.  They focus on the benefits of Martial Arts such as discipline, focus, respect, self control.

Our training is done by Professional Martial Arts Instructors from our very own United Studios of Self Defense Academy.  All of them, CPR Certified and Background checked for your safety and peace of mind.  Our instructors go through years of training not only for their martial arts, but also for their teaching skills.  We are proud to constantly keep improving as instructors as we know we can truly benefit your child through the practice of Martial Arts.

We are currently located at 27111 Aliso Creek Rd., #100, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 next to Kumon and inside the Church building.  All students and prospective students welcome.  If you would like to get started simply click on the button to the right and we can get your program started right away.

Frequently asked questions


How can Martial Arts Benefit my child?

We get this question all of the time.  The Martial Arts can truly benefit any child because it is focused on working motor skills, following directions, teaching respect and self control, and in working with the family, we strive for the same goals.  Martial Arts is not about striking, although we do learn how to block, and strike as we learn self defense.  It is mostly about learning how to better yourself as a person.

How do I know if my child is ready for training?

That is not too hard.  What we normally do is we invite you to try a Free Assessment Class, which are about 10-15min long, which give us a chance to work with your child one-on-one for a bit and figure out whether or not he or she can get started on the training.  We are looking for basic motor skills, simple responses and willingness to try.  In order to schedule this Free Assessment Class click on the button above, or Click Here and we can schedule a time that will work for you best.  These sessions are scheduled around your schedule.

My Child is too shy – 

We understand that you may feel worried about whether or not your child will truly benefit into our program.  If all children were confident, assertive, controlled and level headed, Martial Arts would not exist.  Our kind of training exist primarily to help your child grow into a more confident individual.  Training takes time, but the benefits that the Martial Arts can bring you are invaluable. Over time, your children will grow to being less introverted, more focused, more respectful and truly able to defend themselves.  The key is on the consistency and training.

My Child does not listen very well –

And that is exactly why Martial Arts training is here! Our method is based on positive reinforcement of good behavior.  We know that some children will not listen, will throw themselves to the floor, will not be focused, will turn their heads and spin in places.  But, our training specifically rewards the behaviors that we are looking for, and thus, push the other students to attain the same standards.  Give us a try so we can show you how we can accomplish this together.

What is the cost?

Classes do vary, depending on the amount of lessons you do at our studio.  However, at our Aliso Viejo Location only, classes are only $25 per session.  This is once a week for 1 hour each class.  Payments can be made Monthly or semi-monthly and discounts are provided for family members.  There is a one time enrollment fee of $99 that includes the uniform; however, if you contact us soon with our special Spring offer, you can get started for FREE! Click Here for more details.